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Thalasso SPA Resort


Dream wellness and beauty, in harmony with the surrounding nature

Eco Losge Suites

A dream of a holiday in the close essence of the nature perfumes

Hotel Village

Sea, sun, nature and amusement. A fairy tale for old and young people

Il Valentino
Grand Village

Is the holiday grand village of Nova Yardinia complex

14 hours
Cavatellicci con pomodori e cozze su letto di fagioli cannellini! Buona cena a tutti #livenovayardinia
1 day
RT @MaxWildRunner: Puglia: 6:20 @NovaYardinia #iocorroqui scatti di luce... @luuurensa @barbaradifebo @Biceloverun @giuli83a…
1 day
@DavidBianchi1 grazie a te ! Alla prossima estate 😊
1 day
RT @DavidBianchi1: @NovaYardinia Arrivederci. Grazie per le splendide 2 settimane al Calane'!!!!!
1 day
RT @DavidBianchi1: @NovaYardinia .... Buongiorno al Calane'...
1 day
RT @DavidBianchi1: @NovaYardinia ... Viva la Puglia al Calane'!!!!
5 days
RT @DavidBianchi1: @NovaYardinia
10 days
@CristMonald Grazie e a presto 😊
10 days
RT @CristMonald: @novayardinia #livenovayardinia Il Valentino è uno dei più bei villaggi di tutta Italia! Una delle vacanze più belle della…
11 days
RT @nicocoit: Il grande libro della giungla @NovaYardinia
Fantastic place

"Fantastic place"

this is an amazing place with amazing people. fantastic lodges in the middle of the forest. great food and great...

The Peace

"The Peace"

Recensito il 25 September 2012

The peace & quiet,the food,the service and the massages.



Recensito il 31 July 2012 I am a very busy man during the year . I wanted a peacefull , quiet ,undisturbed holiday . And that is what I got from Kalidria . I did not used the spa . Because I had already enough with the rest to relax .....